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  • Traveling during the holidays? 3 "anywhere" workouts

    Whether you are traveling during the holidays or you are just short on time and can't make it to the gym, we want to share some workouts that you can get done in your room or even at a hotel gym with minimal equipment. Here we go!
    Equipment-Free Travel Workouts
    Any of these workouts can be modified by how much time you have or by difficulty, so feel free to customize to your needs.
    1) Total Body EMOM
    For this workout, you'll perform one of the exercises per minute and rest for the remainder of the minute once you're done with the prescribed repetitions. Cycle through them in order for a total of 5 rounds (20 minutes). Minute 1 - Push-Ups x 15 Minute 2 - Squat Jumps x 10 Minute 3 - ....

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  • Elevate's Core Values (and why we're awesome)

    Elevate's Core Values (and why we're awesome)

    Let's talk about some core values. By this, we mean the beliefs and key personality traits (whether innate or learned) of Team Elevate and our tribe. These values define our community. They guide our actions and decisions. They act as a beacon by which we operate. If you don't have your own core values, we think it's a super helpful exercise to go through and identify the things that mean the most to you. Core values give you something for which you stand. They empower you to act unequivocally in line with your ideals. So let's get into it. As we said, these 4 primary values are standards to which we hold our team (staff) as well as the participants of our programs (the Elevation ....

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  • Our Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy for the Holidays (+Podcast)

    The holiday season is in full swing, but that doesn't mean you have to repeat the cycle of adding 10lbs to your frame (like you may have done in the past)! Let's talk about some perspective for a second before we get into these very tactical tips. First, let's qualify the "holiday season." Our definition is the 4th quarter of the year (October 1-December 31). That's 92 days. Out of those 92 days, there are really only 4 major days that make up the holidays (for most people). These are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. This is 4.3% of the quarter. Let's add in some extra work/family/social days around these holidays and just say 8 days total. We're still under ....

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  • 6 Characteristics of Successful Dieters (podcast included)

    6 Characteristics of Successful Dieters (podcast included)

    Have you ever lost a significant amount of weight, only to gain it back in just a couple of months? Have you wondered why some people are able to make the change and keep improving? Or at least maintain all that progress? Well, it's important to understand that there is more than one phase of "dieting." The initial phase (the "diet") or as we sometimes call it the Discovery phase, is what gets the most hype. This is what you see on every magazine cover and weight loss commercial. It's the sexy, short-term part. However, there's a minimum of one other phase that must come after to keep that initial progress intact. At Elevate, we see the Discovery phase as just that --- it is when ....

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  • August Hustler's Club Winner!

    August Hustler's Club Winner!

    What is Hustler's Club? Glad you asked. Each month, any Elevate member who attends at least 12 sessions throughout the month is part of the Hustler's Club! At the end of the month, we'll randomly draw a name from anyone in the club. The August prize was a shiny new pair of Nike Metcons and our winner is... Sara! Sara has been a loyal member of our weightlifting program for over 3 years and probably hasn't missed more than a week of training in that time. Well deserved! Our prize for September is a travel workout package including a kettlebell and a jump rope! Good luck to all of our Hustler's ;) If you are wanting to get consistent with your fitness routine and are looking to ....

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  • How to get the most out of every workout and avoid plateaus (podcast)

    How to get the most out of every workout and avoid plateaus (podcast)

    On this episode of The Elevated Life Podcast, Taylor and Nicole discuss multiple ways to get more from your workouts. Topics covered include:
    Strength work - how to identify the effort level required based on sets, reps and more
    Cardio - improving your approach with intensity, effort and short term goal setting
    Measuring your progress in multiple ways
    Creating opportunity to make more gainz!
    How to know if you are NOT challenging yourself This is a great episode if you want to maximize the benefits of your hard work in the gym! Listen on iTunes (also find us on Spotify, Google and Spreaker). ....

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  • Monday Mindset - Do the Boring Stuff

    Monday Mindset - Do the Boring Stuff

    Look, I'd love to say there is a magical way to achieve your goal(s) at lightning speed...but we don't deal in magic at Elevate. Don't get me wrong --- we can definitely help you expedite the process of getting great results in your strength, body composition and physical/mental capabilities. However, I'd like to offer a very powerful (and unfortunately non-dazzling) piece of advice that a mentor once gave me...
    DO THE BORING STUFF. You see, it's the boring stuff day in and day out that yields results.
    It's not boring in the sense that it isn't fun or enjoyable. It's boring because it is repetitive. Once something is no longer NEW, humans start to consider it boring. So what get's thrown ....

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  • Is Elevate a CrossFit gym? Circuit training? HIIT? Your questions answered.

    Is Elevate a CrossFit gym? Circuit training? HIIT? Your questions answered.

    So what kind of gym is Elevate anyway?
    There are plenty of exercise styles to choose from between things like boot camps, CrossFit, circuit training, high intensity interval training. There are classes to blast, pump, and attack your body. Then there's Zumba, yoga, and other methods of exercising without feeling like you are working out in the traditional sense. So, we naturally get questions on where Elevate's style of fitness fits in with all of that.
    Let's answer that question. But first, we have a question of our own.
    How would you define a bootcamp class? CrossFit? H.I.I.T.? The words we use to describe these methods tend to start blending together at some point, with just a few ....

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  • What are your kitchen staples? (+ podcast)

    What are your kitchen staples? (+ podcast)

    We've all heard the saying "you are what you eat." More specifically, your body composition is a direct result of what you eat (and drink). Take that a step further and "you are what foods you keep available." Yeah, that doesn't sound as catchy ;) In Episode 18 of The Elevated Life Podcast, Taylor and Nicole (owners of Elevate) discuss their 13 staples in the kitchen that make for easy cooking and consistent results. Give it a listen wherever you listen to podcasts! Episodes are available in Google store, iTunes , Spotify and Spreaker. <<Click here to start listening to The Elevated Life>> Don't forget to subscribe to listen to new episodes of the podcast every ....

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  • Fitness is not a 5 minute pursuit & how to squeeze in an effective workout

    Fitness is not a 5 minute pursuit & how to squeeze in an effective workout

    4 MINUTE ARMS. 5 MINUTE ABS. 6 MINUTE BELLY BLAST. 7 MOVES IN 7 MINUTES. Oh, the catchy magazine taglines. You've probably looked at phrases like that and thought to yourself, "Man, that sounds too good to be true." Well, it is. The fitness industry and magazine editors love to throw this stuff out there (it's clickbait since before we were clicking). Can you really get an effective workout and reach your goals by just dedicating a few minutes per day? Our answer is, unequivocally, NO. But let us explain why. Let's frame why most people exercise to begin with. Yes, your general health will improve through exercise, but on a more basic level we just want to look good and be happy ....

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