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  • A fast track to success with personal training

    A fast track to success with personal training

    One on one. Private sessions. Personal training. Whatever you want to call it, working directly with a coach or trainer can be incredibly valuable. While we approach the group training at Elevate with the idea that we will deliver the most beneficial training possible for a variety of people, 1-on-1 training is hard to beat. The great thing about Elevate's personal training service is the care and attention to detail that our coaches put into each session. Our first step is to meet with you and take inventory of your overall goals (whether it's general fitness, looking good in your wedding dress, being bikini-ready all year long, gaining muscle, etc). We also want to find ways to ....

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  • Elevate's 28 Day Reset Program (available now!)

    Elevate's 28 Day Reset Program (available now!)

    Elevate's 28 Day Reset program is an amazing opportunity to get on the right track for your goals! Here's a quick overview on this program.
    We created this program because there are two primary types of people coming to Elevate: 1) People who are generally new to a structured workout routine 2) People who have been consistent with exercise in the past and need to get back on track In both cases, we find the best course of action is to have an initial period of time where the accountability and support is HIGH, and the approach is comprehensive (physical activity, structured nutrition protocols, and healthy habit development). The Reset checks all of the boxes!
    So what all ....

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  • The REAL Sweat Equity (Time+Consistency=Results)

    The REAL Sweat Equity (Time+Consistency=Results)

    Imagine you have your own personal bank and, in it, you deposit your sweat. You deposit your hard work...every rep of exercise...every mouthful of nutritious all goes in the sweat bank. If you could do this day after day, month after month, you'd have a lot of equity built up. Just like having an emergency fund in your savings account, this can protect you from unexpected twists in your life (getting sick, taking time off the gym, having a "cheat" meal). At Elevate, we want to get the point across that health and fitness goals simply come down to making one decision at a time. If you make (mostly) the right decisions for your health and you do that consistently over time, you ....

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  • December Hustler's Club Winner!

    December Hustler's Club Winner!

    Every month at Elevate, we recognize those who have attended 12 or more sessions throughout the month. Because we know that making your fitness routine a priority is crucial in maintaining your health and getting towards those goals. We call this the Elevate Hustlers' Club. Once a month ends, we review who made it in the club and choose a random winner for a prize. The winner from December is Mark Schroeder! Congratulations, Mark. Our partner for the month was Rebuilt Meals who is supplying Mark with 4 weeks of healthy prepared meals! Fitness + Nutrition = our favorite combo :) Check them out at m! If you are looking to make yourself a priority in 2020, give ....

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  • Fixing your back pain & staying fit

    Fixing your back pain & staying fit

    Low back pain is one of the most common physical setbacks in America. In fact, studies show that more people have low back disc problems than not --- it's simply a matter of if you are showing symptoms. Do you "throw your back out" a couple times per year? That's not normal. Do you have "tight hamstrings?" That's not normal. Do you avoid bending over to pick things up from the ground? Again, not normal. The truth is, we work with people at Elevate daily who experience back pain or discomfort. Some of them nearly gave up on exercise before seeing us. Many of them have been able to move forward, get stronger and avoid the recurrence of that pain. We want to share some of our insight ....

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  • 3 Pro Tips for Kickstarting Your 2020 Fitness Goals

    3 Pro Tips for Kickstarting Your 2020 Fitness Goals

    It's that time of year again! The beginning. So full of hope for the year ahead of us and ready to take on the world. There's nothing wrong with having that hopeful perspective and the inspiration behind it. So let's make the most of this feeling and provide you with some pointers on how to make the most of it! The number one enemy of your success is the other option of doing NOTHING about your goals. We tend to approach fitness goals with an all-or-nothing outlook. Your going to workout twice a day, every day. You are going to abstain from any food that brings you joy. It's going to be a new you! Forget all of that. Not one of those things is sustainable for more than a week or ....

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  • Event: The Elevate Open 2 Weightlifting Meet!

    Event: The Elevate Open 2 Weightlifting Meet!

    Coming up on February 1st, 2020 is the 2nd annual Elevate Open! This is a USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet, in which lifters will contest the snatch and clean & jerk against others in their respective weight classes. The Elevate Open welcomes all ages and experience levels to lift in this single day event. There will be 4 sessions throughout the day (2 for men, 2 for women). Singlets and an active USAW membership card are required to compete. Elevate is home to St. Pete Barbell Club, a full time USAW weightlifting club. If you are interested in lifting at the Elevate Open, register by January 15th at . ....

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  • Mobility: stretching is not the (only) answer

    Mobility: stretching is not the (only) answer

    "I just need to stretch it." How many times have you said this when something didn't feel right? How many times have you heard someone else say it? This article is going to give a brief look at how we approach joint mobility/flexibility at Elevate. Any time we are assessing someone for an existing injury, prevention of a future injury, or simply just getting to know their physical capabilities, the first priority is knowing how the joints function (especially around an injured area). But first! Let's quickly talk about stretching. It is totally common to think that stretching is the go-to fix for when a body part hurts or is "tight." What does stretching do? Well, it puts ....

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  • Assembly Line Food Prep for the WIN!

    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who find peace in cooking and those who...don't cook. Alright, maybe that isn't a comprehensive list of people, am I wrong? When we talk about "food prep" or "meal prep," we are referring to preparing your meals in batches to save time throughout the week. It also allows you to plan your days/meals and avoid going astray in terms of your nutrition routine and fitness goals. There's more than one way to get this task done, but here is what Team Elevate does step-by-step and how we recommend our members do it. If you've ever been to a restaurant that pieces your meal together as you go down an assembly line, think of your meal prep like ....

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  • Protein: King of Macronutrients?

    Protein: King of Macronutrients?

    There's plenty of good and bad information out there regarding protein, which sources are best, how much you need to consume, and so on. In this article, we want to hammer home the importance of protein in terms of your health markers, progress in the gym, and your ability to keep moving and grooving for decades to come ;) Why is protein king of macros?
    You need it to repair, maintain, and increase muscle mass. Muscle is made up of primarily protein. So whether you workout intensely or are just trying to keep on your muscle as you lose weight, you must keep plenty of protein in your diet.
    In addition to its muscle building benefits, protein can help you control your ....

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