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  • 7 Ways to Avoid Diet Failure!

    7 Ways to Avoid Diet Failure!

    At Elevate, we work with people just like you to create better lifestyle habits. In fact, when it comes to our nutrition coaching clients the problem is never the food itself --- the problem is sticking to the plan! And we understand, change is freakin' hard! So here are 7 easy strategies to set yourself up for long-term success with your new approach to nutrition and health: 1) CLEAR YOUR ENVIRONMENT You ever hear the saying "you are what you eat?" Well, your diet consists of what's in your kitchen. Start by clearing out the crap from your home and workplace. This way you won't be tempted to make poor decisions when you need something quick to eat. Replace the junk with healthy ....

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  • Elevate Grand Re-Opening Party! (Public Event)

    Elevate Grand Re-Opening Party! (Public Event)

    Whether you are a member of Elevate or you just like to stalk us on social media, come out this Saturday (August 17th) to our Grand Re-Opening party! We'll be hanging out from 12:30pm-2:30pm to celebrate our newly remodeled facility and new service offerings. There's no workout going on during this time, but there will be food, drinks and a bounce house for the kids (and grown up kids). Plus, we are raffling off some prizes including a stand up paddle board! All you need to do is attend --- pretty sweet right? Elevate is offering a special deal during August to get unlimited SWEAT classes for 21 days for just $21!
    Click here to claim your 21 day pass.
    See you Saturday (8/17)! ....

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  • Why Does The Scale Fluctuate So Much?!

    Why Does The Scale Fluctuate So Much?!

    A lot of people dread stepping on the scale... they HATE it! They've created a very negative association with the number and it dictates how they feel about themselves, regardless of the positive progress they may be making! The scale is simply ONE data point we use at Elevate St. Pete to track progress. And we're big proponents of taking your power back and removing the emotions from the scale. You are NOT the number of the scale. You're a complex, unique, badass individual who happens to weigh "X" at this particular second in time :) It's simply data...but you probably don't know how to interpret that data so you get upset if it's not what you're expecting. Don't worry, ....

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  • 4 Reasons You're "Eating Healthy" or "Eating Clean" and Not Losing Weight

    4 Reasons You're "Eating Healthy" or "Eating Clean" and Not Losing Weight

    "I eat pretty clean" or "I eat pretty healthy."
    The famous words that follow my questions regarding people's eating habits at Elevate St. Pete. Our trainers take your nutrition very seriously so we talk about it, a lot. During your goal setting session, we discovered that you are sitting over 35% body fat and are lacking adequate muscle mass. So you're thinking to yourself "What the heck!? I eat pretty well. I eat healthy foods. My diet isn't THAT bad. What gives?" It's not your fault... you probably just don't know! So let's get straight to it.
    The 4 most common reasons you're not losing weight or hitting your goals, despite you eating clean or eating healthy.
    1 - ....

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  • The Reason 45 Million Americans Diet Each Year and Only 5% Keep It Off

    The Reason 45 Million Americans Diet Each Year and Only 5% Keep It Off

    Humans are creatures of routine. And you have gotten into a routine of quitting easily. You know what pizza and birthday cake tastes like. You know what the second and third serving of ANYTHING tastes like. You know that one or two drinks is good enough. But have ever experienced the feeling of FINALLY reaching your fitness and health goals? Seriously. Think about it. Have you ever completely executed the plan, consistently - day after day? How many times will you start over? How many times will you say "this time I'm going to stick to it"? How many times will you convince yourself that the binges and indulgences are all worth it and well ....

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  • How Sleep Effects Body Fat, Intelligence, Hormones and Risk to Disease

    How Sleep Effects Body Fat, Intelligence, Hormones and Risk to Disease

    I have FANTASTIC news... We have made an amazing breakthrough. The key to losing more fat, getting stronger, becoming more intelligent, preventing disease, balancing your moods and improving productivity has been discovered! And the best news? It's FREE and accessible to all! S-L-E-E-P Yes, you need to sleep more. I am going to attempt to make sleeping super appealing and sexy. Don't worry - I used bullet points. Benefits of getting enough sleep:

    Makes you more attractive (Because who looks and feels hot after not sleeping)
    Keeps you leaner (lowers body fat AND dictates where you store your body fat)
    Lowers cravings (Keeps energy levels and hormones in check so you don't get ....

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  • Should I Count Macros to Lose Weight?

    Should I Count Macros to Lose Weight?

    Is it worth it to learn to count your macros? There are three distinct methods we use at Elevate to guide our group fitness and personal training clients' nutrition: A habit-based approach, food templates and counting macronutrients. Elevate St. Pete one of the very few gyms in St. Pete that provides nutrition coaching to our clients. There are pros and cons to all three methods. Only you (potentially with the guidance of a coach) can decide which is right for you at this point in your journey. Yes, the method can change based on your lifestyle, goals, time of year, etc. Remember, t he perfect nutrition approach is the one you can consistently apply during this season ....

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  • Recipe of the Week! Protein Overnight Oats

    Recipe of the Week! Protein Overnight Oats

    Our friends over at Fresh Prep Life were kind enough to share this delicious breakfast recipe! We are all about the nutrition and lifestyle habits at Elevate, which makes us proud to partner with this exceptional local company. Looking for the perfect prepped breakfast filled with protein and sustainable energy? Overnight oats are super simple to make and will kick start your morning! Here at Fresh Prep, we love to make our oats in mason jars making for no mess prep and an easy grab and go option. Place all of the ingredients into the jar and mix until thoroughly combined. Lid the jar and place in your fridge over night. Eat them plain or top with your favorite fruits and ....

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  • St. Pete Barbell Club @ the Tampa Bay Spring Classic 2 (weightlifting meet re-cap)

    St. Pete Barbell Club @ the Tampa Bay Spring Classic 2 (weightlifting meet re-cap)

    Elevate Weightlifting (aka St. Pete Barbell Club) competed over the weekend in Dunedin, FL at the TBSC2. It's always fun to see our weightlifters compete and put all of their training to practice! If you are unfamiliar with olympic-style weightlifting meets, lifters are given 3 opportunities to find their best snatch and best clean & jerk. Each gender is divided into separate weight classes so lifters of similar sizes/weight can fairly compete against one another. Our goals for competitions can vary greatly. Sometimes, we are trying to get more experience out on the platform. Other times, we are trying to qualify for a different competition. But generally, it's about having fun and ....

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  • Local Business Spotlight - Casita Taqueria (St. Petersburg)

    Local Business Spotlight - Casita Taqueria (St. Petersburg)

    Hey Elevation Nation! We have decided to start featuring other St. Pete local businesses to let our members help us keep St. Pete Local! If you or anyone you know has an awesome local business you would love to see featured on our page, let us know! Casita Taqueria is owned and operated by one of our amazing members Gwen Arvin and her husband Don. “The idea to form Casita came from our passion for food, esp Mexican and Latin flavors. We both have past restaurant experience. At the time Casita was created, we were both working corporate jobs we didn’t love. When we did get time away, we would go visit Don’s family on the west coast and we would plan our travels around ....

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