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  • Your GOAL determines your PATH

    Your GOAL determines your PATH

    You may be wondering how to best approach your health and fitness goals. Should I do Group Fitness, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching?

    Hopefully, this will help guide you down the correct path to achieving the changes you desire. We have structured our fitness programs at Elevate to be inclusive of all experience levels, geared towards certain results, and with a variety of customization options. Fitness isn't one size fits all and you deserve a plan that will deliver on your NEEDS and DESIRES. There are three categories under which our services fall: 1) Full customization -- this is your 1-on-1 training
    experience. Hand-crafted workouts and guidance for your ....

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  • 3 Fitness-Killing Excuses You've Told Yourself

    3 Fitness-Killing Excuses You've Told Yourself

    We run into a few excuses why people are hesitant to get going with a workout plan:
    1) I have a bad [insert body part] that keeps me from working out.
    2) I'm not in shape enough to start in a group program.
    3) I'm completely intimidated to step foot in your gym!

    All 3 are valid and also totally ridiculous! VALID because you've made these real in your mind. RIDICULOUS because they are probably ONLY in your mind. What you don't realize is that everyone at the gym has overcome at least one of the above. Here's the thing...I didn't start a gym to be elitist and make people uncomfortable around fitness! Nicole and I started Elevate because we want fitness to be inclusive and ....

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  • How To Lift: The Barbell Hip Thrust

    Want a nicer butt? I mean, who doesn't? The barbell hip thrust
    is a great exercise for building a strong, firm backside. It targets some very important muscles that can help improve athletic performance, strength & power, and fortify the surrounding joints to help avoid injury.
    Check out the video below as Nicole walks you through how to perform the barbell hip thrust!
    If you want to learn more about training your glutes for a bodacious booty ;) check out our recent podcast that details different exercises and approaches for you to use today! ....

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  • A message to the ladies out there looking to get strong!

    A message to the ladies out there looking to get strong!

    To be honest, I don't know what strength training will look like on you. The truth is you'll never look exactly like me... you're not ME. You don't have my body type, my frame, my genetics, my exact training routine, my exact diet, my ability to recovery, my hormonal profile, etc. There are a LOT of factors that dictate what our bodies look like, particularly how they respond to stimulus (lifting weights, running long distances, sprinting, etc). But I don't want you to look like me.. I want you to look like YOU - The best version of you. So when women ask me "will lifting weights add muscle mass to my body?" I answer "i hope so!!" You may build muscle easier than some people ....

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  • The truth about pain, chiropractic and perfect form w/ Dr. Moses Bernard (podcast)

    Click HERE to listen to the episode of The Elevated Life! Taylor and Nicole get together with friend and local practitioner Dr. Moses Bernard to talk about all things human movement. Moses has studied the human body for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table regarding pain, movement, and ways to improve performance. Dr. Bernard has been instrumental in helping Elevate's coaching staff better understand how to help our members get out of pain and find the best ways to improve for years to come. In this episode we dive into topics like:
    Why he didn't follow the conventional chiropractic path
    How perfect biomechanics don't exist
    Simple ways to ....

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  • What is St. Pete Barbell Club?

    What is St. Pete Barbell Club?

    Within Elevate St. Pete, we have a USAW (USA Weightlifting) sanctioned club known as St. Pete Barbell Club. We are one of the only full-time olympic style weightlifting programs in the St. Petersburg area. Our club serves the St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa Bay area.
    What does St. Pete Barbell Club do?
    Often the term "weightlifting" gets confused for just simply lifting weights (you may be thinking bench press or deadlift). However, olympic weightlifting actually consists of just two contended lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. While we do perform squats, presses, deadlifts and other types of lifts in our training, they are simply preparation towards the two main lifts. The olympic ....

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  • To SWEAT or to LIFT?

    To SWEAT or to LIFT?

    Should I do Sweat or Lift? It's a legitimate question! And one we can help you answer. The beauty of our programs at Elevate is your ability to choose between different class/workout styles daily. It all comes down to your goals and what motivates you at the time. Many of our members move between our programs seasonally based on whether they want to spend time getting stronger, building their conditioning, or simply just to switch it up.
    Why are some reasons I would follow the Sweat workouts? Well, here's a quick rundown.
    Time and efficiency - Sweat sessions are 45 minutes and are packed from start to finish
    You want overall fitness. You like working with weights, but also love ....

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  • The dreaded prime-time workout rush (not at Elevate!)

    The dreaded prime-time workout rush (not at Elevate!)

    Picture this... You have your gym time all planned out. You know what you're going to do, what muscles you want to hit, which pieces of equipment you'll need to spend some time on. You get out of work, battle traffic, only to arrive at the gym the has a full parking lot. Once you finally get inside, you beeline it to where you want to start your workout. But guess what, some jack*ss is hogging the space (probably not even using it correctly). Now you are frustrated and debating if you are even wanting to be there. This is the typical peak-time scene in most commercial gyms. You know, the LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness type places. And if that's your scene, good for ....

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  • A fast track to success with personal training

    A fast track to success with personal training

    One on one. Private sessions. Personal training. Whatever you want to call it, working directly with a coach or trainer can be incredibly valuable. While we approach the group training at Elevate with the idea that we will deliver the most beneficial training possible for a variety of people, 1-on-1 training is hard to beat. The great thing about Elevate's personal training service is the care and attention to detail that our coaches put into each session. Our first step is to meet with you and take inventory of your overall goals (whether it's general fitness, looking good in your wedding dress, being bikini-ready all year long, gaining muscle, etc). We also want to find ways to ....

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