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We help individuals who no longer want to compromise or settle for "average" when it comes to their health and fitness. Elevate teaches people how to workout effective and safely, develop sustainable eating habits and holds people accountable to taking consistent action. Instead of ONE class style for all, Elevate allows you to choose from three distinct class types


Come join our tight-knit community of individuals who no longer settle for the status quo and look to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives.

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Between being a hero to Hillsborough County as a Firefighter and being a loving , caring Husband, joining Elevate Group Fitness was an easy challenge. Watch Colby Murty finally find fitness at Elevate!

Colby Murty

Tired of his weekly gym routine, crazy time restraints, Joe Anderson (Father, Husband and Healthcare Professional) uses Elevate Group Fitness to stay in shape and make new friends without compromising his responsibilites at work.

Joe Anderson

"Elevate Group Fitness is awesome" - Becky . Always about Good vibes & High Fives, Tanya utilizes the Elevate Group Fitness Program to work around past injuries, engage in the community and crush her fitness goals!

Tanya Butler

After joining Elevate, student, Father and Military Man Hans Mueller uses his newly acquired fitness abilities to score 299 out of 300 points on his PT test.

Hans Mueller

RJ & KT find a new gym, new friends & new place to call home here at Elevate St. Pete. They are both a part of the Elevate Weightlifting program!

KT & RJ Covington

I have been at Elevate for a little under a year and I absolutely love it. What sets Elevate apart from other gyms I have seen is the caliber of coaches. They are knowledgeable and sincerely care about your health and success.

The coaching does not stop after the one hour workout, they are constantly providing resources to help improve your nutrition, sleep, and even how to work on getting specific movements for the first time.

Gym St. Pete

Alexa Noel

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