Your guide to getting started at Elevate!


Your guide to getting started at Elevate!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

There are a couple different types of people who come to Elevate…

1) Those who have some workout experience and haven’t found that right combination of quality coaching, strength training, and guidance.


2) The beginner who is ready to make a change but may be hesitant to try something new.

To address person #1 — Elevate is not CrossFit and it’s not Orange Theory. Our programs meet at the intersection of performance and health, with a focus on sustainable fitness (no burnout, no plateau).

For person #2, we got you! We love beginners. It’s an opportunity to truly teach you what it means to workout correctly and have fun doing it. Once you get started at Elevate, you’ll be kicking yourself for taking so long to jump in!

Which group fitness program is right for me at Elevate?

Great question! As you may have seen, we have 3 signature class styles. All of them have a plan behind them to get you great results and allow you to attend regularly.

SWEAT is great if you love a faster pace and don’t have specific strength-based goals. It’s always challenging and changes daily so you are never bored. But just because there are no barbells used in SWEAT doesn’t make it an easier workout.

LIFT is all about strength training. It’s a nice balance of focusing on technique, working towards absolute strength, and building enough muscle to keep your body healthy and lean. “Bulk” is not the focus here…function is.

FLOW is a 2x weekly offering that is geared towards maximizing your mobility (which means keeping your joints healthy) and minimizing your risk of injury over time. Being fit is just as much about maintaining your body as it is about challenging it.

What’s the best type of membership for someone getting started?

Elevate offers just a few membership plans and they are based on what we have found is effective. That’s why you aren’t going to see a plan that is made for 1 or 2 attendances per week. That’s simply not frequent enough for you to get the most benefit from our programs.

Our primary options to join the #ElevationNation consist of:

  • 3 sessions per week
  • Unlimited sessions per week
  • 28 Day RESET

If Elevate is going to be your primary place of exercise, we recommend 3 sessions per week as a minimum. This also gives you the flexibility to pursue other activities you enjoy, whatever those may be (running, cycling, sports, etc.). Also if you are newer to strength training, working out intensely 3 times per week is a great start.

The 28 Day RESET program combines unlimited access to group fitness for your first 4 weeks with a simple nutrition plan and an accountability coach. In our opinion, the RESET is the best way to get started at Elevate. You can focus on all the right habits for that first month to set you up for success in the long term!

Don’t hesitate any longer to get going! We are confident you’ll find the support, challenges and results you are looking for at Elevate.