Your GOAL determines your PATH


Your GOAL determines your PATH

You may be wondering how to best approach your health and fitness goals. Should I do Group Fitness, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching?

Hopefully, this will help guide you down the correct path to achieving the changes you desire.

We have structured our fitness programs at Elevate to be inclusive of all experience levels, geared towards certain results, and with a variety of customization options.

Fitness isn’t one size fits all and you deserve a plan that will deliver on your NEEDS and DESIRES. There are three categories under which our services fall:

  1. Full customization — this is your 1-on-1 training experience. Hand-crafted workouts and guidance for your unique needs, limitations, and goals. Full time accountability from your coach.
  2. Some customization + Personal accountability– programs like our 28 Day RESET that provide you with an accountability coach, access to group training, and focused guidance on nutrition habits. This is where you can be walked through the process as you practice habits before deciding if you feel ready to go it alone (hint: you are never really going it alone at Elevate). This could also apply to you if you are rehabbing an injury and need a more customized experience within our group classes.
  3. Communal Fitness — an ongoing and more independent option, providing flexible access to our signature group fitness sessions. You’ll have some ongoing accountability from our team and plenty from the members all around you. You find that you thrive in a group setting because it helps keep you motivated and satisfies that social (or even slightly competitive) urge.

Many of our members find that they move in and out of these categories at times, even seasonally. Being a long term fitness solution is our aspiration, so providing opportunities for every person to ascend is important to us.

Book a free consult with one of our friendly team members to discuss how we will help you with your goals! You can email [email protected] today to get started!