Monday Mindset – Do the Boring Stuff


Monday Mindset – Do the Boring Stuff

Look, I’d love to say there is a magical way to achieve your goal(s) at lightning speed…but we don’t deal in magic at Elevate.

Don’t get me wrong — we can definitely help you expedite the process of getting great results in your strength, body composition and physical/mental capabilities.

However, I’d like to offer a very powerful (and unfortunately non-dazzling) piece of advice that a mentor once gave me…

DO THE BORING STUFF. You see, it’s the boring stuff day in and day out that yields results.

It’s not boring in the sense that it isn’t fun or enjoyable. It’s boring because it is repetitive. Once something is no longer NEW, humans start to consider it boring.

So what get’s thrown into the “boring” category?

Prepping your food (and eating that food), putting in the time and effort at the gym on a regular basis, going to bed on time, being a caring spouse/mother/father, executing on the daily responsibilities of your occupation, etc.

Starting to get the point? Good. Because here’s the REAL secret. Most people refuse to do the boring stuff.

As soon as the shine wears away, they move on to the next cheap thrill rather than squeezing all the benefit out of the consistent habits that yield long term results. We would rather win the lottery than stash away a few bucks at a time (which do you think works better long term?).

Go into this week with this mantra in mind and I promise that you will get closer to your goals every minute, every day!

-Taylor and Team Elevate