Breaking the COVID habit cycle to reclaim your body


Breaking the COVID habit cycle to reclaim your body

It’s been a wild few months as we all slowly emerge from the coronavirus shut down and navigate the changes that have come as a result. Some people clung to their previous routine of working out regularly, eating the best they could and at least maintaining body composition.

But let’s be honest…most didn’t. And it’s understandable! Routines were flipped upside down, gyms were closed, and stress-eating (+ drinking) became normal.

So how do you get back to the fitness regimen you had prior to this? Start with your BIG DOMINO.

When we say “big domino” we are referring to that one part of your day that has the biggest impact on all of the other things that happen in the day. It’s a trigger. A cornerstone of your healthy habits.

For many, GOING to the gym and getting that daily workout is the big domino. Simply getting ANY exercise can have this effect, but most people simply won’t push themselves to workout effectively at home.

The big domino leads to all of the other habits that you NEED in order to stay on track. For example, let’s say you come into Elevate and knock out he 5:30am class (aka Big Domino).

This sets you up to eat your typical healthy breakfast by 7:30am before work.

Because of the early morning activity, you remember to also keep up with your protein shake that you ditched during shut down.

You feel more invigorated and focused because of the stress relief from that workout. This makes you more productive at work.

You find yourself drinking more water again, which helps you think clearer.

You find that you are happier and more patient dealing with co-workers and family (the kids aren’t making you snap anymore).

You remember to eat the rest of your meals on time and choose options that will help you recover and feel good (because you don’t want to sabotage today’s workout activity).

Bedtime comes and you are feeling tired rather than staying up late and snacking on the couch.

Now do you see how just that simple act of GOING to the gym and completing the workout has improved all other aspects of your day?

Identify your big domino. Plan for it. Knock it down.

If you are looking for life changing fitness in the St. Petersburg area, please reach out to Elevate so we can help you get back on track to being proactive with your health!