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St. Pete Barbell Club @ the Tampa Bay Spring Classic 2 (weightlifting meet re-cap)

St. Pete Barbell Club @ the Tampa Bay Spring Classic 2 (weightlifting meet re-cap)

Elevate Weightlifting (aka St. Pete Barbell Club) competed over the weekend in Dunedin, FL at the TBSC2. It's always fun to see our weightlifters compete and put all of their training to practice!

If you are unfamiliar with olympic-style weightlifting meets, lifters are given 3 opportunities to find their best snatch and best clean & jerk. Each gender is divided into separate weight classes so lifters of similar sizes/weight can fairly compete against one another. Our goals for competitions can vary greatly. Sometimes, we are trying to get more experience out on the platform. Other times, we are trying to qualify for a different competition. But generally, it's about having fun and competing against yourself!

While not all of the weightlifters in our program compete, there were 9 representatives from our club this past weekend. Here are some of the team's achievements!

  • Four 1st place finishes
  • Three 2nd place finishes
  • Best overall female masters lifter (age 35+)
  • Best overall male masters lifter (age 35+)
  • 6 personal records in the snatch
  • 4 personal records in the clean & jerk
  • 4 personal records in the total (both lifts combined)

This really displays the work and dedication that our athletes have put in this year! We couldn't be more proud of you all!

If you are interested in learning the olympic lifts for recreation or for sport, we welcome you to contact Elevate St. Pete to learn about getting started with our weightlifting program here in St. Petersburg.

St. Pete Barbell Club is Saint Petersburg's only full-time weightlifting club. We welcome any skill levels, especially beginners looking for a safe and fun environment! Email for a free intro.

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