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Our Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy for the Holidays (+Podcast)

The holiday season is in full swing, but that doesn't mean you have to repeat the cycle of adding 10lbs to your frame (like you may have done in the past)!


Let's talk about some perspective for a second before we get into these very tactical tips. First, let's qualify the "holiday season." Our definition is the 4th quarter of the year (October 1-December 31). That's 92 days.

Out of those 92 days, there are really only 4 major days that make up the holidays (for most people). These are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. This is 4.3% of the quarter. Let's add in some extra work/family/social days around these holidays and just say 8 days total. We're still under 9% (a totally conservative tolerance for staying within your diet/routine). So let's not act like this 9% of the quarter (not even the whole year) is THAT big of a deal:)


Now that we have that out of the way. Here are our top 5 tactics for keeping up with some great fitness during the holidays.

1) Leave the treats at the party

If the cookies are in front of you every time you walk in and out of the kitchen, it's very likely you'll eat them! We suggest not making big batches of treats around the holidays unless you are giving most of them away.

2) Prioritize Protein & Water

It's amazing what these two elements can do for improving and maintaining body composition. At home and at the parties, it needs to be a priority to stay hydrated and have protein as the center of your diet. A nice little side benefit is that you'll feel fuller longer and can avoid the cravings.

3) Count Your Macros

Basing your consumption on an allowed budget of protein, carbs and fats is such a great way to navigate less-than-perfect situations. Food quality is always important, but having an idea of your macros and total calorie consumption is key when you still want to indulge in the tastier stuff ;)

Everything you are eating will have a breakdown of macros, so being aware of that can allow you to be flexible while working within that budget.

4) Employ Intermittent Fasting

Now, you don't have to combine all of these tips! But you can if you want. Intermittent fasting has been in the spotlight in recent years and it really is a simple idea...shorten the window of time during which you eat your calories for the day. For example, waiting until 11am to have your first meal can give your body time to continue fasting from overnight and then you cutoff your eating at 8pm. It can be a good strategy when it comes to days when you know you have a holiday party or social outing where the food is plentiful.

5) How to approach alcohol

Assuming you are of age, you are an adult and can make your choices when it comes to alcohol. BUT you aren't free of the consequences from those choices. Saving calories for alcohol is a strategy, but these are typically calories that provide no benefit to you (in fact, it's the opposite). With holiday get-togethers, the drinking opportunities may be more frequent. As such, we suggest refraining from having that drink on Monday night after work and saving that for the social situation coming up. The less the better when it comes to getting results.


So don't get stuck in the same old habits that you regret every year. You don't need to wait until the new year to be fit! For a more in-depth discussion on these tips and MORE, click here to listen to the podcast episodeon The Elevated Life. 



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