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4 Simples Ways to Improve Your Sleep

4 Simples Ways to Improve Your Sleep

If you didn't know already, we are big fans of sleep. Getting enough QUALITY sleep is essential to your health, recovery, metabolism and cognitive function (aka brain stuff). So this article is geared towards giving you 4 simple strategies that lend themselves to improved sleep duration and quality. 

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of sleep, check out our previous article here.

Without further adieu, let's get into it!

1) Set a reverse alarm

Almost everyone wakes UP to an alarm, but we'd argue it's at least as important to set an alarm reminding you to go to bed. Ideally, this would go off between 9-11pm depending on your schedule.

Use it every night including the weekends. 

Giving yourself the most sleep potential is key, because our bodies will need different amounts each day. While usually 7-8 hours is considered to be sufficient, you may need more or less based on the amount of activity that day or week (a 2 hour lifting workout needs different recovery time than a 30 minute run).

2) Wind down prior to bed

There are a few ways to wind down leading up to bedtime. There's a lot of science behind the blue light stimulation provided by our many screens these days. Getting off of screens 90-120 minutes before bed would be great.

Other ways to wind down would be going for a short walk or meditating prior to bedtime.

If you have a lot going on in your brain, we love a good brain-dump (writing it all out on paper) to get tasks off your mind.

3) Black it out

Using black-out curtains in your sleeping room or even a sleep mask (or both!) makes a HAYUUGE difference in sleep quality. The darker the room, the better.

4) Get lucky

Look, we're all adults here. We're going to talk about this. Having an orgasm is another way to help you go into a nice, deep sleep. Sorry, not sorry.


Now go get some sleep!

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