3 Fitness-Killing Excuses You’ve Told Yourself


3 Fitness-Killing Excuses You’ve Told Yourself

We run into a few excuses why people are hesitant to get going with a workout plan:

1) I have a bad [insert body part] that keeps me from working out.
2) I’m not in shape enough to start in a group program.
3) I’m completely intimidated to step foot in your gym!

All 3 are valid and also totally ridiculous! VALID because you’ve made these real in your mind. RIDICULOUS because they are probably ONLY in your mind. What you don’t realize is that everyone at the gym has overcome at least one of the above.

Here’s the thing…I didn’t start a gym to be elitist and make people uncomfortable around fitness! Nicole and I started Elevate because we want fitness to be inclusive and accessible for lots of ordinary people…not to cater to super-fit individuals.

What most of you don’t understand (yet) is that ANY gym is full of insecurity…it’s why people go to the gym. Everybody thinks all eyes are going to be on them, in all of their newbie, doe-eyed, I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing glory. Except it’s the opposite. Everyone around you is either to busy working hard and worrying about their own workout OR they are so surprisingly supportive of you taking this big first step!

Now when it comes to injuries, we work around them all the time. However, we also find that an effective approach with you is to complete a full physical assessment in person and come up with a plan on how to overcome your limitations. That may mean we modify workouts or it may mean you work 1-on-1 with a coach for a while until you are pain free and ready to join the group. Maybe we have the answers you’ve been searching for to get you active again (hint: we probably do).

Are you holding yourself back with one of these excuses? If so, which one? Toss it in the garbage and come meet one of our friendly team members for a free consult. We’ll help you navigate your options and set a plan to move forward!

-Taylor Race, owner of Elevate St. Pete

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