Your Age Is Not The Reason


Your Age Is Not The Reason

Your lifestyle is the number one predictor of your risk to muscoloskeletal pain… things like back, knee, neck, shoulder and hip pain…  NOT your age.

“I’m just getting older.”

“This is just what happens as you age.”

“It’s just a part of the aging process.”

“It’s all downhill from (insert age).”

“Wait until you hit (insert age).”

“You can’t do as much as you get older.”

“You have to come to terms with your age.”

We reject all of these statements.

We refuse to accept age as an excuse for joint pain and we want you to stop embracing this belief as well.

This is also true when it comes to your body composition and well being. Age is not the REASON you’re overweight and/or have developed a disease.

40 is not old.

50 is not old.

60 is not old.

70 is not old.

You “feel old” because of how you’re treating your body. Period.

Here is what REALLY happens as people “age”….

They stop moving as much. They become more sedentary. Their joints become less mobile and their bodies become weaker.

The ironic part of this is the fact that movement MUST be a part of getting you out of pain and healing… even though certain movements may cause you pain right now.

Want to decrease your risk of death from all causes by 50%? You need to walk more. 

A study of adults 40 and older found that taking 8,000 steps or more per day, compared to only taking 4,000 steps, was associated with a 51% lower risk of death.

Now do you see how important movement is to your health?

If you’re currently experiencing pain and you believe it’s something you must accept due to your age, we want you to challenge this belief.

If your practitioner tells you that your pain is just a part of growing older and you need to back off of activities to avoid it, we want to challenge them.

It’s never too late to get moving and address your pain but it will take work. 

Addressing musculoskeletal pain and your health is NOT passive.. Meaning you cannot take a pill, receive an injection, lay on a table for treatment while a practitioner does the moving and expect anything to change long term. 

You need to take a proactive role in your health – through daily movement and diet choices.

You have the power to change your body. Once you embrace this fact, you can begin to heal yourself of pain and ailments.

Your wellbeing is worth the work – it’s time you start acting like it.

If you no longer want to settle for the pain you’re in, we can help. Schedule a free consult with one of our professional coaches today.

  • – Team Elevate