What to expect when you are NEW to working out


What to expect when you are NEW to working out

You are new to working out. Maybe it’s your first time being part of a structured plan, like at Elevate.

You have the desire to finally make some changes to your body and your routine. This is a great start!

But I’m sure you have some questions, and I have some answers for you! Some of them may be answers you weren’t looking for, but still need to hear. Over the last 7 years at Elevate, I’ve seen it all and worked with people in every stage of their fitness journey.

There will be obstacles early on when starting anything new, especially something that requires you being proactive like exercise.

I want you to EXPECT obstacles and be prepared to move right through them. THAT is the secret to your long term success in becoming healthy and fit. We all experience setbacks and obstacles. The real question is how you will handle them.

1) If you haven’t worked out in years, you’ll likely get fatigued quickly during that first day or week. I’ve seen people get light-headed during our warm-ups simply because they haven’t moved around in a while. It’s OK. Don’t use being out of shape as an excuse to NOT get in shape. Just work through it one step at a time.

2) You’ll need to learn new things! I’d equate it to your first day at a new school. We may be using words and terms that you haven’t heard before, or doing physical tasks that you’ve never performed. Embrace the chance to broaden your knowledge. Everyone has been the new kid at some point 😉

3) Life doesn’t happen in a bubble and there is bound to be some life event that throws you off this new-found routine of yours. You’ll get sick. You’ll have to go out of town for work. You twist your ankle chasing after your dog. Something will try to knock you off this new exercise habit, but you just have to jump back in as soon as possible. Don’t let 1 week off turn into a month! Nobody likes to “restart” but we all face those challenges at some point. You got this.

4) You’ll get acquainted with your own (active) body. As you begin to transform your body into one that performs regularly, there may be some aches and pains. After all, you may be asking your body to do things it has NEVER done. Sure there will be soreness. There’s a chance you may even “tweak” something (although we are there to minimize those chances). Seize this opportunity to get to know your body — what makes it thrive, how to maintain it, how to maximize it’s potential!

5) When you push past the initial couple of weeks or month of exercise, there’s a good chance you will find your time at the gym to be vital to your routine. It helps you mentally. It helps you physically. You’ll want to keep doing it because you’ve never felt THIS GOOD. Some people feel this immediately when they start! The key is a consistent effort over time, even on the days that you just “aren’t motivated.”

There is nothing extraordinary about people who workout regularly. In fact, most of the battle is just showing up. It’s moving past your own excuses and limiting beliefs.

If you are willing to crush these minor obstacles I’ve outlined above, I know you will find success and improve yourself for years to come! At Elevate, we specialize in helping ALL types of people make fitness a fun and consistent part of their lives.

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