The REAL Sweat Equity (Time+Consistency=Results)


The REAL Sweat Equity (Time+Consistency=Results)

Imagine you have your own personal bank and, in it, you deposit your sweat. You deposit your hard work…every rep of exercise…every mouthful of nutritious food…it all goes in the sweat bank.

If you could do this day after day, month after month, you’d have a lot of equity built up. Just like having an emergency fund in your savings account, this can protect you from unexpected twists in your life (getting sick, taking time off the gym, having a “cheat” meal).

At Elevate, we want to get the point across that health and fitness goals simply come down to making one decision at a time. If you make (mostly) the right decisions for your health and you do that consistently over time, you are building insurance against disease, injury, and all kinds of potential risks.

But perhaps the sexiest reason of all is that you’ve earned a little more forgiveness by your body if you do choose to go a little off the path during vacation, or maybe life changes and you don’t get in the gym for a few weeks. You will be more tolerant (aka you won’t lose all your progress). It also makes it easier for you to get BACK into shape because you have that foundation to fall back on.

So if you get overwhelmed by the idea of having to make lifelong habits RIGHT NOW, slow down and think of depositing just one drop of sweat at a time in that account.

Team Elevate can help you get there by being right by your side while you do it. Let us take the guess work out of it with our lifestyle fitness programs. Call or email us to get started!