The dreaded prime-time workout rush (not at Elevate!)


The dreaded prime-time workout rush (not at Elevate!)

Picture this…

You have your gym time all planned out.

You know what you’re going to do, what muscles you want to hit, which pieces of equipment you’ll need to spend some time on.

You get out of work, battle traffic, only to arrive at the gym the has a full parking lot.

Once you finally get inside, you beeline it to where you want to start your workout.

But guess what, some jack*ss is hogging the space (probably not even using it correctly). Now you are frustrated and debating if you are even wanting to be there.

This is the typical peak-time scene in most commercial gyms. You know, the LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness type places. And if that’s your scene, good for you.

At Elevate, we have the opposite experience. Sure, we experience the same peak attendance before and after normal work hours, but that only makes your workout more exciting!

For one, we limit our class occupancy to maintain a quality experience. You reserve a spot, it’s yours.

We’re also not the type of gym where you put in your headphones and try to ignore everyone around you. Instead, your workout at Elevate is interactive and you’ll feed off the energy and support from your classmates and coaches.

So rather than be turned off by the crowd and question whether you want to be at the gym, find a place where the crowd motivates you to have a great time! Elevate can be that place for you.

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