Life Efficiency Hack to Keep Your Commitments (to yourself)


Life Efficiency Hack to Keep Your Commitments (to yourself)

If you’re anything like us, you have a lot going on in life. There are all kinds of habits to keep up, schedules to juggle, and what sometimes feels like hundreds of little micro-decisions that need to be made EVERY day.

It’s exhausting. Especially when the week is winding down and you feel like hitting the SHUT OFF button (insert robot power-down sound effect).

Well, lucky for you…you have Elevate to help you make things a little simpler!

One of our coaching themes here is to make one choice at a time and not get overwhelmed with ALL of the things that you want to — eventually — change. It’s usually the gung-ho, all-or-nothing person who crashes and burns as quickly as they shot into the gym. Don’t be that person.

So here’s ONE simple strategy you can use in your daily life that can make a big impact. You ready?



Our days are full of decisions: what to wear, when to wake up, what to eat at each meal, which workout time to attend…the list goes on. Here’s something to think about – ever wonder why super wealthy people often are seen wearing the same thing?

Because they don’t waste their valuable mental energy on that crap.

Here are some examples of how to reduce DECISION FATIGUE in your life:

  • Find a cut/style/brand/fit of clothes you like and buy up multiple colors (or the same color, for that matter). When you are picking out clothes, there’s nothing much to think about!
  • Rotate the same meals or ingredients for days or weeks at a time. Don’t use up your bandwidth wondering what to eat for lunch! It also makes grocery shopping much more streamlined because you keep buying the same things!
  • Plan your week in advance. You know your schedule, so stop making spontaneous decisions. Figure out your time slots for family, workouts, food prep, work, and whatever else you need.
  • Set a bed time alarm. Most of us wake up to an alarm, but few set a bedtime alarm. This gets you in the habit of going to bed at the same time (yes, weekends too) to keep your natural rhythms intact and give you the best sleep potential.

Now, leverage these tactics to keep your day simple and your mind clear! The key to being proactive in your healthy habits is reducing fatigue and keeping your focus.

You’re welcome 😉