Is Elevate a CrossFit gym? Circuit training? HIIT? Your questions answered.


Is Elevate a CrossFit gym? Circuit training? HIIT? Your questions answered.

So what kind of gym is Elevate anyway?

There are plenty of exercise styles to choose from between things like boot camps, CrossFit, circuit training, high intensity interval training. There are classes to blast, pump, and attack your body. Then there’s Zumba, yoga, and other methods of exercising without feeling like you are working out in the traditional sense. So, we naturally get questions on where Elevate’s style of fitness fits in with all of that.

Let’s answer that question. But first, we have a question of our own.

How would you define a bootcamp class? CrossFit? H.I.I.T.?

The words we use to describe these methods tend to start blending together at some point, with just a few stand-out characteristics. Each of them have their benefits and downsides.

The thing is, the minds behind Elevate’s services and fitness programs have done and seen it all. We’ve been a CrossFit affiliate. We’ve run bootcamps in the park. We’ve done every interval and exercise you can think of. A conscious decision has been made (along with years of evolution) to provide a delivery method of our own that maximizes benefit and minimizes risk.

As a result of our knowledge and experience as coaches & trainers, Elevate simply looks to provide an enjoyable, challenging way to get RESULTS. Our workouts are not random. They are not created on the fly. We take scientifically-backed methods and mix them with hands-on coaching to create stronger, healthier and more physically capable people.

Barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars…none of these were created by one of the aforementioned “brands” of fitness. These are tried and true tools that have helped people build strength and impressive physiques for decades. So when you see these, don’t assume Elevate is the same as another gym!

Elevate isn’t going to be the place for you if you want to:

  • Dance in your living room with 1lb weights in hand
  • Be a competitive exercise racer
  • Not be around a supportive group of like minded people
  • Become a pro bodybuilder
  • Not be a proactive participant in your own success (we take action here!)

Elevate IS probably a great fit if you want to:

  • Receive badass workouts without being afraid of getting hurt
  • Have options to gain tons of strength and/or have better endurance
  • Create a lifestyle around health and sustainability
  • Receive professional guidance to improve your movement, technique, and avoid or recover from injury
  • Enjoy working out and not feel like you are competing with everyone around you
  • Be in an environment that truly isn’t full of judgment, but rather support and encouragement for any skill level

If you meet those criteria, then what are you waiting for? Click on our Get Started page, fill out the form, and let’s get going!