Individual Design

For those who have specific goals or unique individual needs, our coaches will design a fully customized program with you to address your mobility restrictions, and/or your desired strength and skill development to complete alongside your regular group workouts, or in lieu of them entirely.  

In this program, you will receive:

  • A personal coach to design your program with you, as well as guide you through it
  • An initial full body assessment to evaluate current flexibility, strength, and skill needs
  • Two to three, individualized supplemental sessions designed for you to complete before or after your regular group sessions to address the needs identified in your initial assessment
  • Technique feedback and communication with your coach via our custom mobile app
  • Weekly program review and updates
  • Monthly check-ins (in person or virtual) with your coach to monitor your progress, increase accountability, and answer your questions

Regular re-assessments to determine your progress and adjust your training as required

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