If you know what to do…why aren’t you doing it?


If you know what to do…why aren’t you doing it?

We live in the age of information. Any question you have can be answered with a quick search and a few minutes of skimming headlines.

Sometimes, we get stuck consuming information to no end — meaning we don’t put any of this knowledge into practice. Why is that?

At Elevate, we often speak to people who are wanting to see a change in their body. They are looking to improve health and function, but also want a noticeable change in appearance. The majority of these individuals have tried a variety of approaches in the past…

Keto. Intermittent fasting. Low carb. Paleo diet. Weight Watchers.

And that’s just on the food side of things! Not to mention the variety of workout programs and styles.

You may have even said something like, “I know what has worked for me before when I lost (x) amount of pounds.”

My question to you would be — If you know what works, why do you need my help?

I don’t mean this sarcastically or to be smug. Although, I think I know the answer.

You see, there are ways to be effective in a relatively short amount of time if you are willing to obsess about it! Unfortunately, that type of approach has a short expiration date and the changes can be undone about as quickly as they were made.

I don’t think any of us want that to happen! In the end, the reason so many people find success in our program is that our approach is sustainable and involves a big dose of ACCOUNTABILITY.

As we mentioned earlier, knowledge doesn’t mean much if it isn’t applied. We help with the application because that’s what drives results. Having another human (or a community of others) holding you accountable is invaluable and, in most cases, completely necessary to your success.

Would you do well in a school course that had no teacher to give deadlines?

Would you succeed in a profession with no supervisor to direct your efforts?

Would knowing the playbook help your team win if there’s no coach calling plays?

Accountability and outside perspective can open up all kinds of possibilities for you. Let’s do this together!

If you need help applying effective habits and are ready to take ACTION, contact us today.