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How Sleep Effects Body Fat, Intelligence, Hormones and Risk to Disease

How Sleep Effects Body Fat, Intelligence, Hormones and Risk to Disease

I have FANTASTIC news...

We have made an amazing breakthrough.

The key to losing more fat, getting stronger, becoming more intelligent, preventing disease, balancing your moods and improving productivity has been discovered!

And the best news? It's FREE and accessible to all!


Yes, you need to sleep more. I am going to attempt to make sleeping super appealing and sexy. Don't worry - I used bullet points. 

Benefits of getting enough sleep:

  • Makes you more attractive (Because who looks and feels hot after not sleeping)
  • Keeps you leaner (lowers body fat AND dictates where you store your body fat)
  • Lowers cravings (Keeps energy levels and hormones in check so you don't get hangry)
  • Makes you happier and more enjoyable (Have you ever seen how sweet babies are after a long nap?)
  • It wards off colds and viruses (Do you catch every cold and virus every few weeks?)
  • Dramatically lowers risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia and diabetes (pretty freakin' sweet)
  • Improved intelligence and decision making power (Very useful benefit)
  • Increases productivity (get sh*t done and hit your goals. Sounds neat.)

What is enough sleep? 8 hours or more.

I know - that's not convenient. And its not what YOU get each night, right? Refer back to the benefit list above.... any of those resonate with you?

How do you know you're sleep deprived? You can't. Because it's a compound effect. Here is what happens:

  • After being awake for around 15 hours, your brain starts to fail
  • After being awake for around 19 hours, you're operating as a drunk person but you're not aware of it
  • After 7 hours of sleep for 10 days in a row, you operate with the capacity of someone who has been awake for a 24 hour period (refer to last bullet point)

So many people think their state throughout the day is NORMAL... and it shouldn't be. Your groggy, anxiety-ridden, craving fighting feelings may be COMMON but they're not normal or healthy.

Yes - you have grown accustomed to feeling like crap all of the time. And at Elevate, we are constantly lecturing grown adults on WHY they need to get more sleep. Here is how...

How to get more sleep:

  • Create the perfect sleep environment that includes no screens 2 hour before bed, eliminate stimulants and caffeine, black out curtains, a fan or noise machine in your room, between 68-72 degrees
  • Set a reverse alarm an hour before you need to be asleep so you can start your sleep routine
  • Go to bed and wake at the same time, every day (even weekends!)
  • Read and journal before bed to get all of your thoughts on paper, destress and declutter your thoughts
  • Get a minimum of 30 minutes but aim for an hour of sunlight each day
  • Get a weighted blanket
  • Supplement with magnesium and melatonin to get to sleep and increase the quality


Now do you understand how sleep can improve EVERY aspect of your life?! How it can make you more money? How it can make you faster and stronger? How it can make you leaner? How it can increase your sex drive? How it can improve your relationships?

The list goes on! Now comes the hard part of actually putting this to practice :) 

If you need help improving your habits and creating a better lifestyle, it's kind of our thing at Elevate.

We're more than just another gym in St. Pete... we're a full service program that addresses your fitness, nutrition, health and happiness.

Stop settling for feeling like crap - it's time to #GetElevated.

- Nicole Race, Owner


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