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Local Business Spotlight - Casita Taqueria (St. Petersburg)

Local Business Spotlight - Casita Taqueria (St. Petersburg)

Hey Elevation Nation! We have decided to start featuring other St. Pete local businesses to let our members help us keep St. Pete Local! If you or anyone you know has an awesome local business you would love to see featured on our page, let us know!

Casita Taqueria is owned and operated by one of our amazing members Gwen Arvin and her husband Don. 

“The idea to form Casita came from our passion for food, esp Mexican and Latin flavors. We both have past restaurant experience. At the time Casita was created, we were both working corporate jobs we didn’t love. When we did get time away, we would go visit Don’s family on the west coast and we would plan our travels around places that had a great food scene. 

The summer of 2010 we made a trip to Portland, Oregon, that would be the spark and inspiration we needed to open our own place.
We envisioned an environment where people could come hang out, have a few drinks and enjoy fresh, homemade Mexican Food.

A few months later, we opened the first Casita on 4th street in the fall of 2011. 
Since then, We have opened two other locations, downtown and Tyrone. We try to keep things simple and follow three rules: create a fun atmosphere, give excellent service and serve amazing food. 

Don and I feel very thankful for the support and love we have received from the community all of these years. We hope to always be part of St Petersburg food scene.”

On the web at:
3 Locations:

2701 4th St N 33704 

2663 Central Ave 33713

2991 66th Street N 33710

Hours of Operation:
M-Thursday 11-9
Friday and Saturday 11-10
Closed Sundays and all major holidays.

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