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The truth about pain, chiropractic and perfect form w/ Dr. Moses Bernard (podcast)

Click HERE to listen to the episode of The Elevated Life! 


Taylor and Nicole get together with friend and local practitioner Dr. Moses Bernard to talk about all things human movement. 


Moses has studied the human body for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table regarding pain, movement, and ways to improve performance. Dr. Bernard has been instrumental in helping Elevate's coaching staff better understand how to help our members get out of pain and find the best ways to improve for years to come.

In this episode we dive into topics like:

  • Why he didn't follow the conventional chiropractic path
  • How perfect biomechanics don't exist
  • Simple ways to boost performance and strength
  • Understanding how to approach your own mobility needs

And a lot more! Enjoy the show :)

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