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3 Pro Tips for Kickstarting Your 2020 Fitness Goals

3 Pro Tips for Kickstarting Your 2020 Fitness Goals

It's that time of year again! The beginning. So full of hope for the year ahead of us and ready to take on the world. There's nothing wrong with having that hopeful perspective and the inspiration behind it. 


So let's make the most of this feeling and provide you with some pointers on how to make the most of it!

The number one enemy of your success is the other option of doing NOTHING about your goals. We tend to approach fitness goals with an all-or-nothing outlook. 

Your going to workout twice a day, every day. You are going to abstain from any food that brings you joy. It's going to be a new you!


Forget all of that. Not one of those things is sustainable for more than a week or two. Let's BUILD on where you are now rather than reinventing yourself completely. Cool?


1) Baby Steps

If you want to be healthier, leaner, more muscular, etc. it's going to take a multi-layer approach. This means you are going to need to tighten up your diet, workout consistently and improve other lifestyle components such as sleep quality, hydration, and more. Don't try to take this on all at once.

Not working out consistently now? Start with 3 workouts per week. Gain momentum. WIN your goal for the week.

Not eating what you should? Start swapping to-go food for home cooked meals.


If you feel that you are accomplishing your objectives, you'll gain traction and be ready to take on a new goal. We've all shot for the stars and crashed after a week of not meeting our targets. So don't do that to yourself! Set modest goals and smash through them with ease. Do that for several weeks and THEN take on more if you can. Long term consistency is the name of the game.


2) Write it out

Don't be the person who talks about your goals non stop. Write them down. Plan them out.

How are you going to work towards your targets without a plan? Pick 2-3 specific goals. This could be a certain body weight you want to achieve, a weight you want to lift, something measurable ("lose weight" is not specific).

THEN, for each of those 2-3 goals write out the specific ACTIONS you will take to get there. This could be how many workouts you'll complete each week, the macros you are going to use for your diet, the meal prepping you are going to do each week, etc.

This way, all you have to do is act on those consistently to reach the goal. In fact, this is how we structure our 28 Day Reset program. Each participant is given a daily habit tracking sheet to complete and is held accountable to doing so.


3) Get your loved ones involved

Having the support of your spouse, friends, family or whoever it is that surround you is crucial. Likewise, if the people around you DON'T support your new outlook then maybe it's time to take inventory of your influences ;)

By letting your goals be known to those around you, there is an increased level of support and accountability for you to be successful. You may even inspire someone else to join in with you. After all, there WILL be times when you get tired --- when you want to give up, go back to your old ways, opt for the easy route of doing nothing proactive. Lean on that support!


If you are needing the guidance, support, and structure to kickstart (or re-ignite) that better version of yourself then contact us about the 28 Day Reset program. It's the perfect blend of fitness, nutrition and accountability anyone needs to get things going in 2020.


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