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August Hustler's Club Winner!

August Hustler's Club Winner!

What is Hustler's Club? Glad you asked. 


Each month, any Elevate member who attends at least 12 sessions throughout the month is part of the Hustler's Club! At the end of the month, we'll randomly draw a name from anyone in the club. The August prize was a shiny new pair of Nike Metcons and our winner is...

Sara! Sara has been a loyal member of our weightlifting program for over 3 years and probably hasn't missed more than a week of training in that time. Well deserved!


Our prize for September is a travel workout package including a kettlebell and a jump rope! Good luck to all of our Hustler's ;)


If you are wanting to get consistent with your fitness routine and are looking to join a well-structured program with hands-on coaching, give us a shout!

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