A fast track to success with personal training


A fast track to success with personal training

One on one. Private sessions. Personal training. Individual design.

Whatever you want to call it, working directly with a coach or trainer can be incredibly valuable.

While we approach the group training at Elevate with the idea that we will deliver the most beneficial training possible for a variety of people, 1-on-1 training is hard to beat.

The great thing about Elevate’s personal training service is the care and attention to detail that our coaches put into each session. Our first step is to meet with you and take inventory of your overall goals (whether it’s general fitness, looking good in your wedding dress, being bikini-ready all year long, gaining muscle, etc).

We also want to find ways to measure your starting point. So we will use tools like our InBody to determine your current body composition (muscle mass, body fat level, and more data that influences your health and metabolism).

Then, you’ll go through a detailed physical assessment to see if we can help you find quicker ways to make progress.

Once a coach has met with you, he/she will create a plan specifically for you to carry out over a period of time necessary to meet the goals. By creating this very specific and tailored program, you receive ALL of what you need and NONE of what you don’t.

The result is more personal attention, quicker progress and added accountability for you to see things through.

Our talented and professional coaches at Elevate would love to speak with you about how they can help you accomplish your fitness goals. If you are in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay/Clearwater area, contact us today to setup an appointment!