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Jon Hooks

Born in: Orlando, Florida 
Favorite food : Spanish food, weak for the tacos. 
Superpower: Super speed like flash ??

Favorite music: all of it. Country, rock, hip hop, punk. 
Favorite Quote: “What you give is what you get” I like it so much I got it tattooed 
 Hobby outside of gym: traveling , hiking , the beach, and sleep ??
Favorite type of Training: strength and conditioning , powerlifting and aesthetics of bodybuilding. Favorite lift deadlift ??
Least favorite workout/lift: running, give me my barbell back. ??
Proudest accomplishment: Serving in The Army. 
Why did you get into the fitness industry: to build confidence and mental toughness. And to teach others how to be strong along the way. 
What is the one message or piece of advice you would give to a new potential Elevate member : Be consistent and confident , remember the reason why you started. 
Inspiring part of my job: the smile on people’s faces when they finally progress and do something they never thought was possible, I love seeing confidence being built right in front of me. I love seeing people become mentally stronger and believe in themselves. 
Cats or dogs: Dogs for sure. My dog would be upset with me if I said cats. ??
In another life, I’m pretty sure I was: a famous comedian...That or a Viking ??
Sweet or savory: I gonna go with sweet.

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