10 Workouts in 10 Minutes or Less


10 Workouts in 10 Minutes or Less

Don’t get caught up in thinking that you need to spend 2 hours in the gym everyday in order to maintain your fitness. Unless you are training towards some high level performance goal, some days you just need to move your body, get some intensity and keep the routine intact.

Here’s a mix of 10 workouts that can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less. Some require equipment, some don’t. Short workouts require that you put in some intensity, so don’t slack. No excuses!

#1 – Inverted Ladder of Push-Ups & One-Arm Snatch

The inverted ladder rep scheme is one of my favorites. You can apply it to just about any pair of exercises. In this case, it’s a simple push/pull combo. You’ll start with 10 push-ups and 1 snatch with a dumbbell or kettlebell. Next, you’ll perform 9 push-ups and 2 snatches. Then, 8 and 3 and so on until you’ve reached 1 push-up and 10 snatches. Alternate arms for every rep of the snatches.

#2 – 10 Minutes, 10 Burpees Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

At the start of every minute, complete 10 burpees as fast as possible. Rest the remainder of the minute. Lower the burpee reps if needed, with the goal of not working more than about 25-30 seconds at a time.

#3 – 100 Wall Balls, with a twist

Using a medicine ball, perform 100 wall ball shots (full squat + throw to 9 or 10′ target). The goal is to get as many done in a set without dropping it. Every time you stop, pause, drop the ball, or miss the target you have to run 100 meters.

#4 – The Kettlebell Complex

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets), complete 10 kettlebell swings, 8 goblet squats, and 6 alternating lunges holding the kettlebell. Whatever time is left in each 2 minute period is for rest. You cannot set the KB down until you’ve completed the 3 exercises in a row.

#5 – 7 Minute AMRAP of Thrusters & Toes-to-Bar

AMRAP stands for as many reps as possible. Use a barbell for the thrusters (or dumbbells if bars aren’t available) and modify the toes-to-bar by doing hanging knee raises. The reps start at 3 thrusters and 3 toes-to-bar, then 6 & 6, then 9 & 9, and so on until the 7 minutes expires. Reps will build up quickly on this one, so try to move at a consistent pace and use a weight that allows most thruster sets to be done without stopping.

#6 – Intensity

This one will be a fight to get it done and over with, but you’ll feel accomplished and surprisingly wiped out for such a short workout. Complete the following movements in order, one time through:

20 Empty Bar Thrusters, 20 Burpees, 20 Kettlebell Swings, 20 Burpees, 20 Empty Bar Thrusters

BUT WAIT! Every minute on the minute (starting at 1:00, not 0:00), stop what you are doing and complete 5 air squats. If you want to make it harder, sub the air squats for wall ball shots. This acts as incentive to work faster on the primary exercises. The longer you take, the more squats you do.

#7 – 10 Minutes, 10 Calorie Row

Don’t want to go crazy, but need to get the blood pumping? This one is perfect. Hop on the Concept2 or available rowing erg and row 10 calories every minute on the minute for 10 rounds. You could do this on an air bike too, but may want to reduce the calorie count. The goal is to work and rest about the same amount each minute.

#8 – The Basics

Complete reps of 21-15-9-6 of push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats (21 of each, then 15 of each and so on). If you want a little extra kick, set an 8 or 9 minute clock for this and do as many burpees as you can with the leftover time after finishing the reps.

#9 – 2,000m Row

Pretty straightforward on this one. Row a 2k. This shouldn’t take more than 8-9 minutes.

#10 – Barbell Complex

With a 10 minute clock, complete 1 complex every 2 minutes. Choose a weight that allows you to perform the series without setting the bar down.

5 Deadlifts, 5 Hang Power Cleans, 5 Front Squats, 5 Push Presses